Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brag Boards

I had a great Idea ..that I have seen on many blogs.. it was a Sheet Metal Board that held their kids art work from the school day ..well mine did not work out exactly like "I" wanted.. but my kids love them .. Greg called me one day and said his dad had sheet metal for free... I like free so I said yes, what I didn't know was it had to be painted cause it was scrapes.. uggghh.. and if I was to paint them it would be black or silver.. but no my hubby did them Blue.. Ok I will be fine with blue!!!! So I went with it ... I still made some adorable magnets out of stones and pictures from all different times in the girls lives.. which they love so much .. I have a handful of pics to still make.. So here we have Brag Boards !!! I love it !! I made a new rule that whatever fits can go on it .. if not it is Trash .. hope it works!!!!


Liberty said...

Super cute. I want to see the pictures in the magnets....they are too small. I should have made the letters white so you could see them better! Oh well.

The Powers said...

They would be perfect in the colors if the board was Sheet Metal.. hahah dont tell my hubby..I will try to take pics of the magnets better!