Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School Fashion Show

Today is the First Day of School for my Kaitlyn. I can't believe that she is starting the 2nd grade it just blows me away. Now in years past she has dreaded the first day of school and gave me her attitude all morning, but this year was different she has been excited since we went school shopping. After we shopped she had to put on a "Fashion Show"! Then this morning she was up at 6 am , actually she was up about every 2 hrs all night! She immediatly got dressed and all ready by 7 am.. the bus doesnt come till 8. At least we werent going to be late! She was still excited at the bus stop and actually posed for a picture, unlike last year...Haylee was a little to excited to, unfortunaly her preschool doesnt start till Sept.8th, but we let her pack her lunch and take her backpack to the sitter so she felt special! I am so Thankful for my girls and cant believe they are getting so fast .. such a great time in our life watching them Grow Up!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The National Zoo!!

I decided because I was OFF for a couple Days that I would be a Mom for a day and take my Girls to the National Zoo in DC!!! So started off Ok although I hate driving in DC , but with the GPS on my phone we made it there! Than we found all the cool animals ...the girls loved the Elephants, Zebras, and the Gorillas ...we searched for the Giraffes ..until we asked someone and they told use they had moved them to Florida because they are redoing their cage..bummer! Everything seemed to be a hit..although it was 90 some degrees with 100 something percent humidity ..I was dying pulling the wagon with Haylee in it..Sorry I wasnt about to post a picture of that!! So at the End about 10 Minutes on the road was a major thunderstorm and traffic which made our ride 2 hrs long.......this is why it will be 4 more years before we go back!!!!

Tinker Bell Birthday Necklaces!! Thanks Grandma Cindy!!

So Grandma Cindy was so nice to give us these Cute Bracelets!! Which I waited for days to make because I didnt want the stress of making them ...but turns out it really wasnt that bad... We had to put them together and then we had to bake them in the oven!!! The Girls Love them and were so Happy with the Results!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Finale

So we had planned the trip to leave Kings Dominion and stay at a Marriott with my great discount! We don't do it that often so the girls loved the hotel and thought that it was so cool! We had breakfast and played in the pool .. loved it , besides a little mishap at the pool , but mommy doesnt like to talk about that! Then we were off to the One place Kaitlyn had to go on her Birthday ...The Bass Pro Shop ...we had a great time and a great ending to a Wonderful Birthday Weekend, you can see from the pictures they were worn out!!!! Love you Girls!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kings Dominion

We gave the girls a choice this year to either have a party or go to Kings Dominion! After much thought they decided Kings Dominion. So we woke up early the morning of Haylees Birthday and headed to the park. It was a very hot day and you forget how tiring it is , but we had tons of fun. You can see from the pictures that they loved all the characters that they saw, we normally have seen 1 or 2, but this time we saw a lot and they were so excited everytime!!! I know the girls had a great birthday spending time as a Family!!!