Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

*Snow Stinks*

This week we got our "First" Snow Storm... I am sure that you all know my feeling about the Snow in Virginia.. well this was No Exception!! The day of the storm the Weather Man was still not sure what we were going to get , cause for us if the storm comes from the south than it could miss us or we could get a lot they never can tell! That morning they had cancelled school(yes they cancel school even for a "Chance" of Snow) so the girls were at the sitter.. I was at work and about 2pm I looked out the window and it was starting to come down in straight ICE .. it looked bad and was coming down hard.. I get a call from Greg who was in the same area and he said I needed to leave than or stay at the hotel it was getting bad out there.. so I decided to leave and went to my truck , only to have a nervous breakdown(yes I have anxiety about Driving) and so I said I can't do this and went back into work! Within an hour it was getting sooo bad outside and I was glad I had stayed and that I was safe and Greg was home with the girls. After a few hours we were watching the news and there were people stuck in hours and hours of traffic , accidents, power outages, it was terrible. They blame it on the ice that we had at first and that everyone left early to beat the strom but back fired cause there was just too much Traffic! So after working a 14.5 hr day and feeling exhausted, I went to bed! Than to wake up the next morning and hear the Stories.. it had taken people 8hrs to drive there 1 hr commute, people had left their cars on the highway , ran out of gas, thousands were out of power, it was sooo busy for us !! So officially I can say that I hate Snow... but after all of that .. My Girls make me smile when I see their happy Faces and see them Enjoying their many, many, many Snow Days! Believe me I am sure this is not the End of Snow for us !

The Bread Machine

For weeks I heard Liberty say all the Yummy things she was making in her Bread Machine and I was jealous they all sounded so good! So after the holidays were over and I had some Money from my gifts I decided to purchase my own... Best Decision Ever!! I love it!!!! It is so fun and so far everything that we have tried has been so Tasty!!! First we tried a white bread, than got a little adventurous and made Cinnamon Raisin , Homemade Pizza Dough , and Dinner Rolls! I am so glad that I bought this new toy and I know that I will use it so much!!! Yummo

Friday, January 21, 2011

Haylee's Play

My Sweet Haylee.. I just love this girl! She has been so excited for mommy and daddy to come to school to see her Martin Luther King Play! All week the weather man has been saying that we would get snow thursday night into friday, which as all of you know even an inch of snow would cancel school around here! Haylee was soooo sad last night that it just might be cancelled! But when we woke up in the morning ..what do you know? It missed us! We got nothing! and School was on and ontime!! Wahoo! So the Play would go on .. it was so cute!! Each student had a part to say and than they sang a song.. It wasn't very long ..but it was so Precious! She did so good on her part and spoke right into the microphone!! Like I said I just Love that Cute!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


The girls have been begging to go to the skating rink ...and when the washing machine broke on Saturday (that is laundry day).. I took them up on it and said lets Go!!! I think you always forget how fun it really is .. takes me back to my childhood at Classic Skating! It was a ton of fun and I am soo impressed with how good Kaitlyn is she never fell not even once... (she does go during summer camp) but still she is a pro! We enjoyed all the classic songs like the hokey pokey, YMCA, the limbo and even the Macarana! Of course we had to hit up the snack bar .. complete with pizza, popcorn, and soda! What a fun way to spend an Afternoon!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

This year didn't really have much planned for New Years.. which was a good thing.. Haylee has been sick all week with a upper respitory infection (is on steriods..which is never Fun) and Greg had to work! So I told the girls that we would just have a quite night at home.. I bought them Martinellis .. (a favorite) and we played games.. Slam Scrabble , Headbands, Ants in my Pants, and Powerland! I made some yummy 7 layer Dip and Meatballs and rice! We played and ate and were all in bed by around 10 or so! Happy New Year to you all! May you all be Blessed in the New Year!