Sunday, October 25, 2009

Peace and Kate

Well lets start at the beggining.. We promised Gregs dad that we would go to the beach house and close it up for the season for weeks Greg keeps saying lets go to the beach ... I end up having to work .. so last weekend we said ..."lets go to the beach" all was good until about Wednesday when we had some problems at work and I was going to have to work all Greg took the Girls by Himself....which Yes I was impressed but I know he loves to be with the Girls... although this is what I get in return ... 2 Hermit Crabs .. Peace and Kate.. I was told it is because the girls were sooooo that true or is daddy a softy???? ....umm we shall see the older they get!
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Friday, October 23, 2009

School Picture Day

If only my school pictures turned out as Cute...we shall see??

First School Project

So Kaitlyn had her first School Progect for the year due today and she was so happy when it was done.. which of course mommy was to involved to many trips to Wal-mart and Michaels for supplies.. but I think it turned out nice.. just can't imagine what is next since this is Second Grade!!
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Haylee's Haircut

It was time for a Haircut and we decided that we were going to cut it all off... Which I am so glad that we did. One thing that I realized is Haylee looks really good with short hair!!! I wish that I could get a good picture of the whole thing , it actually goes shorter in the back to an A line in the front.. I will go a little shorter in the back next time....I was a little nervous though as she was cutting of 6 inches of her hair... Pretty Darn Cute Though!!!
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