Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall Ball 2010

Kaitlyn's first season of Softball was a Success! She really enjoyed it so much and I was so proud of her and getting out there every game and playing as a Team! She did very well which also was impressive since I have No athletic ability at all! As a parent it makes you so proud when you see them out there and they are Truly enjoying themselves!! I hope that she will continue to enjoy it as we just signed up for Spring Ball!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sister's Day at the Park!

So one fall evening Greg decided to take the girls over to Crockett Park on a walk .. He was good and took the Camera .. I was excited when he came back with over 100 pics and sooo many good ones..These are only a few of them! I love the way that they turned out and actually used some for Our Christmas Card this year! I love that even though they have there arguments that my 2 girls are so Close and Lean on eachother! As their mom I hope that it last through the teenage years, but for now I will take what I can get! Love these Girls and am soooo Thankful for them Everyday!