Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks for Dinner ....Our Thanksgiving!

So many of you know that this years Thanksgiving was not what we had planned. It all started about a week before Thanksgiving when Haylee started not feeling well and had a high fever. I was MOD for the weekend and so Greg took her into the clinic to find out she had Strep throat ..started her on antibiotics and thought she would just get better, but not my children of course , she got worse! So back to the doctor we went when her fever peaked to 104.7 ! Wouldnt you know she had Pnemonia, pretty bad by this time, so yet again another antibiotics and treatments round the clock. Well while all this is happening Kaitlyn started not feeling well , so yep we started her on antibiotics.... So as you may have guessed by now we had to cancel our plans for Thanksgiving dinner. But Thankfully Gregs mom was gracious enough to let us come and get it in to go containers.. So there you have it Our Dinner out of tupperware!!! Thanks Mama! Also I just need to add how thankful I am for modern medicine and for the Drs that dont always get it right the first time but always in the end my children feel better!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Highlights of Halloween
  • Kaitlyn was obsessed with being a Red Devil! (Thank you walmart for having it in stock)
  • Haylee went from being a kitty to Spiderwoman , I think it fits her though!
  • Kaitlyn broke out in poision ivy all over her face which she has to put medicine on so the face paint is really not part of the whole costume!
  • We found a new neighborhood with a lot of houses , which was great we were done in a little over an hour!
  • It rained, and rained, but didnt bother the girls (side not: Red spray paint and rain dont mix!)

"Perfect Pumpkins"

We had so much fun with pumpkins this year! First , was the Cows and Corn , which included a hay ride, corn maze ( which Greg and Haylee found the special pumpkin which we got a free pumkin), butter making and lots of fun! Next, Greg took the girls to the beach and on the way home they stopped at a pumpkin patch were they found "Toby" the giant pumpkin! Last, was the carving of the pumpkins which is not mommys favorite so since I had to work yesterday they were able to have all the Fun with Daddy !