Monday, May 16, 2011

Sick , Sick, and Sick

I have debated about blogging about crappy happenings in my life, but I have decided that it may help me remember when its all over how greatful I am for Life!! So it all began about 8 months ago when I was diagnosed with an infection known as C-Diff(normally from hospital or nursing home stay or antibiotics) since I hadn't been in hospital, I figured it must have been from the ear infection I had that was treated with antibiotics. So went to the Dr. and was put on a heavy antibiotic( i know weird) but that is how it is treated. The infection went away.. so I thought! It wasnt until the begininning of May that I started to feel the same symptoms all over again. I waited for about 2 weeks because the symptoms are stomach ache, diaherria, and I just kept thinking it would get better , but unfortunatly it continued to get worse. So I broke down and went to the Dr. and yes again I was put on Antibiotics.. 2 days later I was getting even worse and called the Dr. they wanted to swich my meds to a different antibiotic, which is the last choice before hospitalization and that it is very Expensive. So began taking meds but kept having same symptoms and getting dehydrated and just did not feel well. Went through testing and ended up in the hospital on May 23, they treated me with IV antibiotics along with oral and many other medications, I was there for 6 long days until the Drs thought there was not much more to do... since then I have been on the same Antibiotics and back and forth to many Dr appointments and Lab testing.. but the answer is always stay on medication.. I have been lucky and have short term disability through work and so I have been able to be home which is the only way I have survived what I have! Last week I was able to convince the Dr to do a Colonoscopy to maybe find out some answers , I am currently waiting on Test Results.. they said it could take up to 2 weeks. I am so greatful for great family and friends that have helped me out in this struggle and hope to find answers out soon!