Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring was in the Air !! I Love TULIPS!~!

So we had some nice spring weather last weekend.. beautiful 70s and then it all went down hill .. we had Snow on Friday the 13th maybe it is because of the date ..cause it was a nightmare for me, but I did snap a few pictures when it was nice so I could remeber it!!! Hope it returns soon!!!


So we had a fun night with some Friends of ours Audra and Edgar ... The girls love to play with the kids Mauricio and Elaina .. Here are some cute pictures of the night!! We had a great time and ate good food... We had Fajita meat , Rice , Ranch Bacon Salad, and Salsa and Chips...Yummo!!!! It was a beautiful night...with wonderful Spring weather!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

In like a Lion...better mean OUT like a Lamb!!

So if there is one thing I have learned from living on the East Coast it is that we will Always have One Big Snowstorm! It just so happens we all thought we were out of the woods this year and we were gearing up for Spring!! Well as you can see .. Here is the Big Snow for the Year!! It wasnt to much fun since it was 25 degrees with a severe wind chill! But kids seem to not notice till they are frozen !! And as you can see Greg never did care!!!