Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday 2009!!!!

So the night before we went away for the Girls Birthday we decided to have a little party to let them open up their presents!! They had a great time and got everything they wanted! Some of the highlights : Kaitlyn wanted a guitar sooo bad. Which we happened to find Hannah Montana which made it that much better ! Haylee of course wanted a Baby which yes we broke down and bought another baby to add to her collection of .....umm I lost count!!! They both got some clothes and other small things . Then a box from Grandma and Aunt Libby was a favorite .. the Cutest Monkey Blankets Ever .. They love Them ! Oh and Grandma also sent Tinker Bell Bracelets that you make on your own (stainedglass) , this will be a post on another day ! But we did make them and they Loved Them also !!!! (Pictures to follow!! )It is amazing how time flies and I cant believe my babies are 7 and 4 !!! Happy Birthday Girls!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot Air Balloon Suprise

We were sitting inside when we looked out the window and saw a Hot Air Balloon , this is something we have seen in the past and the girls always want it to land in the yard. So with a lot of screaming we saw that it was coming down to the ground and yes we kept yelling for them to come in our yard! When they got close enough the driver of the balloon said "Can I land here?" YES!! So they landed and got the balloon secured.. Which was HUGE!! Then he said would you girls like to take a ride, they loved it he only took them up about 10 feet, it was good for them! Then they deflated it which was also cool! The driver asked if he could use our land in the we will see may be more ballooning soon!!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Family Rocket

One day Greg came home with a surprise a "Rocket" he was so excited ...It was a inflatable rocket that shots up to 100 feet in the air ! We got it all ready and then started to try to get it to launch ... I dont think he read that you have to manuelly pump it to ignite it ! Well it was a little harder than expected but once we worked our "Arm muscles" and figured out a few kinks.. it was hours of fun!!! Towards the end though Greg had an idea to hook up the air compressor which worked a lot better than our arms..hahah Oh yes one other highlight. The Rocket landed in the woods and Kaitlyn looked right at Daddy and said " Dont go into there cause you will get poison ivy!" Well he went in and Yes he got Poison Oak all Over! It was a nightmare...wish I had some pictures but your better off not to see it! So Fun!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The 4th of July

This year for the 4th of July we were able to take a mini vacation to Lake Anna! It has become one of our favorite spots to go. We stayed the whole weekend in a little motel that I was a little scared of what we would find in the room at first , but then I just had to remember it was a lot like camping! We had a great time! The one thing that we would not recommend is the Fireworks ...we went on ride to the end of the lake to see the show , but by the time it was over it was so dark you couldnt see were we were going , which is a little scary in a boat on a lake you are not familiar with! Other than that it was an Awesome Weekend!