Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Family Rocket

One day Greg came home with a surprise a "Rocket" he was so excited ...It was a inflatable rocket that shots up to 100 feet in the air ! We got it all ready and then started to try to get it to launch ... I dont think he read that you have to manuelly pump it to ignite it ! Well it was a little harder than expected but once we worked our "Arm muscles" and figured out a few kinks.. it was hours of fun!!! Towards the end though Greg had an idea to hook up the air compressor which worked a lot better than our arms..hahah Oh yes one other highlight. The Rocket landed in the woods and Kaitlyn looked right at Daddy and said " Dont go into there cause you will get poison ivy!" Well he went in and Yes he got Poison Oak all Over! It was a nightmare...wish I had some pictures but your better off not to see it! So Fun!!!

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