Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mommy and Girls Weekend

So just a few pictures to recap a very fun and much needed weekend away!! I took the girls away for the weekend and we just "Chilled" .. we ate pizza , watched movies, swam in the pool , enjoyed breakfast buffets, bought munchies, jumped on the bed, wrote our Valentine cards, played store at the desk in the room, went to the mall , got new outfits, went to Build-A-Bear, ate Chinese, jumped on the bed somemore, wore jammies a lot of the time, ran down the hallways at the hotel, loved riding from the 6th floor down, drank hot chocolate(open 24hrs)not a good thing, played on the computers, gave loves, snuggled, and just had an all around Good Time!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Build -A- Bear

Since Kaitlyn was little, and everytime that we have walked past the store at the mall .. the girls have wanted to make an animal at Build-A-Bear! Well I took this past weekend to make their dreams come true. We went away for a weekend getaway and when we woke up the next morning we got ready and went to the mall! We got to the door and Haylee could hardly control herself.. they ran in and Haylee went straight to a Pink Puppy ..picked it up and said this is what I want her name is "Rosie" I was like ok.. than a few minutes later Kaitlyn picked out the Blue Puppy , I don't know if she felt like she had to match or it was meant to be and she named it "Lilly".. we continued on the journey and got them stuffed and gave them Baths! That was the easy part and than it was time to get them dressed.. WOW!! I never knew that they had sooo much to chose and it took forever .. but we did it !!! It is Priceless to watch my girls grow up and see their expressions and chit chatting between the 2 sisters on what would match with eachother! What a Fun time.. and I am positive we will be back for more clothes, shoes, purses, glasses, oh who knows they have it ALL!