Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mommy and Girls Weekend

So just a few pictures to recap a very fun and much needed weekend away!! I took the girls away for the weekend and we just "Chilled" .. we ate pizza , watched movies, swam in the pool , enjoyed breakfast buffets, bought munchies, jumped on the bed, wrote our Valentine cards, played store at the desk in the room, went to the mall , got new outfits, went to Build-A-Bear, ate Chinese, jumped on the bed somemore, wore jammies a lot of the time, ran down the hallways at the hotel, loved riding from the 6th floor down, drank hot chocolate(open 24hrs)not a good thing, played on the computers, gave loves, snuggled, and just had an all around Good Time!!

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The Huzzey's said...

1. You are such a good MOM!
2. I can't wait to take my little girls on a getaway when they are older!
3. Your girls are getting SO big and they are adorable!
4. I haven't seen you in FIVE YEARS (seriously??) and I still think about you and miss working with you!
Hope you are doing well. My blog is open you will just have to use your email and password. Let me know if it doesn't work!
Miss You!