Friday, April 15, 2011

Hamster Headaches

If any of you have followed my Facebook, you will know that we have had a month of headaches with Hamsters!!! We started of with 2 hamsters and within the first few days one of them got out of the cage.. we looked everywhere but could not find it .. so Daddy went and bought a new one ... once we had the new one home we found the Other that makes 3!! Well we seem to have a problem with keeping them in their cages so within another few days 2 got out and unfortunatly our Nice Family Cat thought they were mice .. so we all know the outcome of that! Thats when Daddy comes to the rescue again with another new one .. so Now we are back to 2! We have another break out , but this time both are safe and we think we are all good .. when one becomes sick and passes away.. so long story short ...we have 1 now that has made it through all the drama and this Mean Mom says .... Hamsters are not for us!!!!

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