Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School Fashion Show

Today is the First Day of School for my Kaitlyn. I can't believe that she is starting the 2nd grade it just blows me away. Now in years past she has dreaded the first day of school and gave me her attitude all morning, but this year was different she has been excited since we went school shopping. After we shopped she had to put on a "Fashion Show"! Then this morning she was up at 6 am , actually she was up about every 2 hrs all night! She immediatly got dressed and all ready by 7 am.. the bus doesnt come till 8. At least we werent going to be late! She was still excited at the bus stop and actually posed for a picture, unlike last year...Haylee was a little to excited to, unfortunaly her preschool doesnt start till Sept.8th, but we let her pack her lunch and take her backpack to the sitter so she felt special! I am so Thankful for my girls and cant believe they are getting so fast .. such a great time in our life watching them Grow Up!!!

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