Friday, August 21, 2009

The National Zoo!!

I decided because I was OFF for a couple Days that I would be a Mom for a day and take my Girls to the National Zoo in DC!!! So started off Ok although I hate driving in DC , but with the GPS on my phone we made it there! Than we found all the cool animals ...the girls loved the Elephants, Zebras, and the Gorillas ...we searched for the Giraffes ..until we asked someone and they told use they had moved them to Florida because they are redoing their cage..bummer! Everything seemed to be a hit..although it was 90 some degrees with 100 something percent humidity ..I was dying pulling the wagon with Haylee in it..Sorry I wasnt about to post a picture of that!! So at the End about 10 Minutes on the road was a major thunderstorm and traffic which made our ride 2 hrs long.......this is why it will be 4 more years before we go back!!!!

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Liberty said...

Sounds fun!!!! but I totally understand why you don't go often.