Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Finale

So we had planned the trip to leave Kings Dominion and stay at a Marriott with my great discount! We don't do it that often so the girls loved the hotel and thought that it was so cool! We had breakfast and played in the pool .. loved it , besides a little mishap at the pool , but mommy doesnt like to talk about that! Then we were off to the One place Kaitlyn had to go on her Birthday ...The Bass Pro Shop ...we had a great time and a great ending to a Wonderful Birthday Weekend, you can see from the pictures they were worn out!!!! Love you Girls!!!!


Liberty said...

what do you mean, you don't like to talk about trying to let your little girl drown??? Jason is so proud that Kaitlyn loves the Bass Pro Shop...must have a great dad teaching her the most important things about life!!!

DigandStacee said...

How fun is that! You are an awesome mommy!

Ty & Em said...

that sounds like so much fun!! Hey Stacee told me about your blog!! I don't know if you remember me (emily) but we used to work at Shepherd's together!! Your girls are adorable!!!