Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chocolate Lollipops!!

As many of you may know that when I worked at Shepdherds .. we also made Chocolates, but since I have moved to Virginia we don't do it much at all..So when my hubby came home with a Choclate Lollipop Set I though it was funny.. It has been sitting in the cupboard for a couple weeks.. but today I said lets make Chocolate..the girls loved it .. and I hope that someone eats it all cause it really is my least favorite thing to make!!! They had such a good time .. I even found a mold of a glove, bat , and ball so I think they may want to make these over and over again..for that softball player in her!! Fun times .. I told them to pick some school friends to give them too .. I don't want them all !!!

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Liberty said...

Looks like fun!!!!! Maybe I should make some.