Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Today I realized how much I love my Valentines? We woke up in the morning and the girls had baskets with goodies ...candy, bubble bath , gymnastic leotards(a to come)! Mommy got some chocolates and Tulips ..thanks babe! We had planned to go out to dinner at Osaka Japanese Steakhouse.. The girls were so excited and wanted to get all dressed up..which is when I realized how big My girls are getting .. Kaitlyn had to curl her hair, put jewelry on, and makeup...wait she is 7!! It was a lot of fun .. the Girls loved the food and watching them cook in front of us was a hit! After dinner we took them to get icecream at Coldstone...which was another hit! I love my family so much and am so Thankful for the moments that we share together making wonderful memories.. Happy Valentines Day !!

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