Saturday, March 24, 2012

10 years and Many more to come......

Greg and I celebrated Our 10 Year Wedding Anniversary !!! I am so happy to be with such a great man, there has definatly been some rocky roads, but he is such a wonderful husband and father! We were lucky to have a sitter for the night and we were able to go out to Dinner and a Movie... We had decided that we would go to Bonefish Grill, since I knew I could find something to eat on their Menu and than we went to the movie, 21 Jumpstreet!! It was hilarious!! It was such a good night ..umm except for I have been having a terrible toothache and after dinner it was almost sat there uncomfortable most of the movie! Other than that though it was so nice to spend quality time together!! In the last ten years we have grown so much and I hope that the next 10 will bring us happiness and strength, as you look out in the world today so many people give up on marriage and divorce is so easy, but I have always believed that marriage is something you have to work on Everyday !!! I love you Greg each and everyday many more year!!!!

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