Saturday, July 2, 2011

Liberty and Tanner Come To Visit

I am so thankful for great Family!! My sister is the Best .. Since I can not seem to get any better , my sister decided that she needed to come and help me (YAY) She came here on July 2nd and was able to stay for 5 days than she had to wisk off to Utah to pick up her car(long story) I was soo happy to have her here.. We did not have much of anything planned since I can't be far from the bathroom..but we had fun anyways.. The Girls Loved having her here .. French braids, nails painted, swimming, Fireworks, played with Kate(hamster) , played the Wii..she helped me organize and clean the girls rooms and Yes they needed it BAD!!! Thank you!! She took the girls to Church , took the Girls pictures, Took our Family Pictures, wow have I mentioned she is amazing.. I also sent her home with projects to do !! We loved spending Quality time with her and Tanner and wish that they could have stayed longer !! Thanks for Everything and hope I didnt miss anything !! Love you so much and I can never Thank you Enough!!!

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