Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grandma Cindy in Virginia

A week after Liberty left .. Grandma Cindy arrived!! YAY !! We were so Excited to have her here, it has been 6 years since she has been in VA ! Again we had no big plans when she arrived and since she was here to help me get better that is what she tried to do! She arrived on Saturday Night. Sunday we got ready and we went to church , Yes she got me to go.. Mom won't drive anywhere so she suckered me in to going .. but it wasn't bad at all! Monday the girls went off to summer camp and we hung out at home ( I was starting to feel dehydrated and not so good!) She was great help though cooking and cleaning.. She made my girls Crepes for the first time which may be a weekly meal now .. we made up a list of dinners and went to the store. Tuesday I had a Dr. appt and while there they wanted me to go to the ER for fluids( which took most of the day) I had a allergic reaction to meds and didn't feel much better when I left. Wednesday had another Dr. appt and we had a colonoscopy scheduled for Friday ... Really Mom was trying to get me Better! In between all of this she cleaned my pantry , towel closet, cabinets, cooked , did laundry , oh and we were having a major Heat Wave so even if we wanted to we couldn't go outside! Thurday had to start drinking med for procedure.. which was the WORST and than went to Dr on Friday.. Not sure how much Fun mom was having but Hope she knows how Helpful she was to me .. She had to leave on Monday and I was SAD ... so was Greg he begged her to stay .. but to much was going on at home.. so She had to go!! Thank you Mom for Everything !!!! We miss you Already!!

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