Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Boat Adventure!!

When you have children come into your live we tend to forget about ourselves and the moments that we have that are truley great memories!! That is what this weekend was for Greg and I , we had Gregs Parents watch the girls and decided that we would go out on the Lake.

Our Babysitters!! Thank you !!!

It is so beautiful out on the Water is somewhere where you can forget all your worries and just relax!!!

Yes I made Greg take some pictures of us !!

We stayed the night in the boat, which actaully worked out nice.. a little tight in the cabin but was so nice to wake up in the water and to look at the beautiful scenery around us! We went on a morning ride and found a place to eat! Such a wonderful time we had .. Thank you Greg for the moments in my life that make it all Worth it!!!!!

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DigandStacee said...

Holy Shit balls! Amber McDonald Powers! It is Stacee STrong Herbert! How are you! I have a blog too! It is private because wierdo's follow it. But if you would like to email me you surely should! it is or! I miss Ya Chick