Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Beach ~ April 2009

So as many of you know Gregs Parents have a beach house about 3 hrs from our house. So if we ever need to get away it is a place that we go and enjoy quality family time! This year Kaitlyns Spring Break was 13 days long and so I thought that it may be a perfect oppurtunity to go to the Beach. For some reason good ideas always come with a price....The week before we were supposed to leave Haylee had a bad cough 104 temp , Greg took her to the Dr. were they said it was bad croup and sent him home..2 days later she was just as bad so I took her back to the Dr. then they decided she had bronchitus, the start of pnemonia, and most likely strep...this was the day before the Trip...! We decided to still go cause she now had medicine. We get to the Beach and the next day Kaitlyn starts with a fever... thankfully hers broke and never much wasnt great and a day or so into the trip ...I started to feel sick ! But after all is said and done we enjoyed some much needed relaxing and just Spending Time with the Family!!!

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