Sunday, December 21, 2008

GingerBread Houses!!!

So when i brought up the idea of Gingerbread houses i never thought that it would be such a success!! Then the day came to go buy the kit to make them and after 3 stores i gave up and said that we would make them with graham crackers.. i wasnt sure they would like that idea ..but what was the other choice ?? So the night begins and i think ok i make cakes so no big deal.. i start with my four sides and then Kaitlyn and I begin the roof... well thats when all heck breaks lose and the house starts to fall apart... did i mention that the Haylee and greg team are watching us crumble and coming up with better ideas so that they dont have a house falling down like us ! So the cake decorator tries to find any and everything to cover up the mistakes that we were making as Greg is coming up with everything other than what we are.. so in the end the 5 bags of candy i bought are still here .. and everything and anything from my cupboard is gone!! It was the Biggest Competition we have had !! You decide the WINNER!!

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